Athlete’s Medical Seminar
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Athlete’s Medical Seminar

Preventing injuries is one of the most important factors for athletes.

However, children in modern society are going through changes in lifestyle habits; declining of athletic abilities, loss of physical flexibility, inducing curved back bones due to long hours of smart phones and TV games, and such physical distortions are causing many cases the imbalance of mental health.

●At NPO REALE WORLD, we feel it is important to approach children’s growth by covering all areas of development and physical factors are indispensable.

●In athlete’s medical seminars, we teach what is essentially important for children in modern society, the understanding of one’s body and the knowledge to take care of them.

  • The physiotherapist Mr. Kouichi Nishijima provides seminars for children to prevent injuries by learning how to use their body efficiently, which plays a vital part in current children’s lack of particular movements due to their limited amount of playing outside.
  • At the kinesiology taping seminars provided by the representative of Yukai Ltd., Mr. Ryoichi Hatanaka, children will learn about medical taping techniques to promote recovery from the injuries and alleviate the pain and disorder.